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Tapanuli International Health Conference 2022

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Tapanuli International Health Conference 2022 (TIHC 2022)

"Sustainable Degenerative Diseases Prevention

Towards A Healthy and Productive Society”

15-16 March, 2022




Covid-19 has shaped many new perspectives on the order of life around the world. This perspective encourages humans to get used to a life model that is different from the life model before the pandemic era known as the new life order. This new life order will certainly have an impact on all existing aspects, such as health and economic aspects.

At a time when this infectious disease continues to spread throughout the world and no one sure when it will end, degenerative diseases continue to show an increasing trend in the number of sufferers from time to time. It has resulted in an increasing burden on health services. So that an effective and efficient solution is needed to control this situation.

Degenerative is a disease due to decreased function of the existing systems in the body. It occurs due to hereditary factors, an unhealthy lifestyle or aging. Degenerative diseases occur in all systems, such as the neurological system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and musculoskeletal system. The result of this disease is a gradual decline in the quality of life of the sufferer.

Various disciplines in the health sector have an important role in controlling or preventing this disease. Such as in the fields of medicine, nursing, midwifery, public health and pharmacy. One of the roles that can be shown is from the aspect of health research.

Research requires clear consideration in its implementation and have to consider the outputs that obtained from it. Research with broad impact on the control and prevention of degenerative diseases needs benefit of the users such as the community immediately to achieve a healthy and productive society in the Pandemic era of the Covid-19.

Various effective and efficient comprehensive approaches need to be studied more deeply to find the best solution, such as implementation of various scientific meetings. One of them is through the idea of implementing the 2022 Tapanuli International Health Conference. This scientific meeting will bring together various experts and researchers to share the latest information regarding the prevention of degenerative diseases, as an effort to create a healthy and productive society.

  1. Strengthening international networks in an effort to improve quality of health services that are effective and efficient
  2. As a means of sharing information on the results of research and the latest technology in the field of prevention of degenerative diseases.
Aufa Royhan University 
Host Brief
Aufa Royhan University is one of the private universities in Padangsidimpuan, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia which was formerly known as Aufa Royhan Health Science College. The Aufa Royhan School of Health Sciences changed its form to Aufa Royhan Padangsidimpuan University on the date according to the Decree.
Aufa Royhan University Padangsidimpuan with B accreditation has graduated thousands of students since its establishment in 2012. Now, there are more than 2000 students studying in this university. All of these students are spread across 2 faculties, they are, Faculty of Health and Faculty of Business and Applied Education.
Aufa Royhan University Padangsidimpuan has also established various collaborations with various agencies in the local, national and international levels. This collaboration is useful for accelerating the development of Aufa Royhan University so that it is able to align with other universities. One application of this collaboration, especially for international cooperation, is to hold international conferences by presenting experts in their respective fields from partner agencies of Aufa Royhan University.   
Conference Topic
  1. Trend dan isu perawatan berkelanjutan penderita penyakit degenerative
  2. Aplikasi Traditional Medicine dalam mempertahankan kualitas hidup penderita Degenerative Disease
  3. Isu dan trend upaya promosi kesehatan berkelanjutan pada penyakit degenerative  
  4. Isu dan Trend pencegahan penyakit degenerative pada maternal dan pediatrik

Important Dates



  1. Submission abstract à February 14, 2022



  1. Acceptance notification à February 21, 2022
  2. Submission of revised paper à March 3, 2022
  3. Conference day à 15 - 16 March, 2022


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